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Connect your Xero account to Trolley
Connect your Xero account to Trolley
Create bills directly from your accounting software with Trolley Sync
Written by Nikhil Kejriwal
Updated over a week ago

Connecting your accounting software with Trolley will help avoid duplication of effort, save time, and reduce costs. It auto-creates pending bills and vendors in your Trolley dashboard. You’ll have full control over when and how you pay these bills.

To connect your Xero account with trolley, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Sign in to your Trolley dashboard

  2. Click on Settings > Integrations

  3. Click on “Integrate your accounting software"

  4. Select Xero and follow the steps in the flow to authorize Trolley

  5. Once you have established the connection, during the next sync window, you should see your pending bills on the Invoices tab in your Trolley dashboard. Please note, we sync data once a day.

6. You can change or update your account mapping settings at any time. Click on Settings > Integrations > Sync

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