How to add, edit and delete webhooks
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We support webhooks for common events including: 

  • Recipients: created, updated, deleted

  • Payments: created, has error

  • Batches: created, updated, processed

  • Payout Methods: created, updated

  • Users: created, updated, deleted, password reset requested, password reset

To add a webhook: 

Go to Settings > Webhooks, then select the Add Webhook button. 

To set up the webhook you will need to provide a URL and select an event:

  • URL Address: Insert the URL address where you would like the webhook to post to.

  • Topic: Choose the event or topic you wish to send to the URL Address. You can also select "All Topics", which will create a webhook for all of the supported events to the URL provided.  

Select Save to create the webhook.

A list of active webhooks will then be displayed. 

To view or edit a webhook:

To view the details of a webhook, or edit it, just click on the webhook in the list.

To delete a webhook: 

Select the webhook/s from the list view and tick the ones to delete. Now select the Delete button above the checkboxes. 

We also support sending notifications of these same events via email, text message, and Slack. More details can be found under Notifications

For more details on webhooks set up, please see the Webhooks section in the API Docs on your Trolley dashboard.

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