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How to Add a New Recipient
How to Add a New Recipient
How to add recipient(s) to your account including manually and by CSV upload
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To add a new recipient to your account, select the Recipient tab from the main menu on the left. 

Click the Add Recipient button. If you click on the drop-down, you will have some additional options:

Upload CSV File - import a list of recipients in one go. The accepted file format is .csv A link to the CSV file layout template and a sample will be provided on the next screen.
Manually - manually add new recipients.

Manually adding a recipient: 

  • Type (mandatory) - Select if the recipient type is an Individual or Business. For Individuals, provide the First name and Last name of the recipient. For Businesses, provide the Business name. You can optionally also provide your main contact person's first name and last name if you wish.

  • Email (mandatory) - Provide the Email address of the recipient. 

  • Reference ID (optional) - You can provide your own internal reference number for this recipient. It may be a user ID or an email address that you assign to users. If you don't provide one, we will assign their email address by default.     

  • Country - Select the Country of the recipient from the drop-down list. This is optional, however, it will speed up adding a payout method and making their account active later. 

Now, click the Add button to create a new recipient. You can add multiple recipients with Add & Create another.
You can also tick to request your recipient's account information during the addition.

Uploading a CSV file of a group of recipients

  • Click inside the dotted area to select the file to upload, or drag the file into the dotted area. (You can also Download Recipient CSV Template (and a sample) using the link on this screen and create a new file to upload if you do not have one)

  • Select Upload.

The Upload Review screen will show you a summary of the file uploaded before the upload is completed. All data will be displayed including banking details. 

Any issues will be highlighted and may include duplicates, missing fields, or inaccurate info. We do our best to map different country, region codes and names to clean up the data when you import it.

A summary of the import is displayed showing you how many recipient records were uploaded, how many are valid, and how many are invalid. 

You can choose to fix the file formatting or the data in the file, and re-upload the file. Or you can continue with the same file and any invalid records will be excluded.

Clicking Confirm Import will add the recipients to your Trolley account. You will see them on the Recipients page.

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