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Implementing & Sending Checks as a Payout Method
Implementing & Sending Checks as a Payout Method
How to setup and send checks as a payout method
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Enabling Checks as a payout method will allow recipients in the United States to receive printed and mailed Checks in USD currency. Checks cannot be sent outside of the US. The checks will be drawn on your own business bank account, which must be domiciled in the US, be in USD currency, and be able to support issuing of 3rd party printed checks (please confirm with your bank beforehand and let them know you will be issuing 3rd party printed checks).

Setting up Checks (USD only):

Within the Trolley Dashboard click on Settings > Payout Methods > Check

The following three sections must be completed prior to enabling Checks.

  • Bank Details

  • Check Details

  • Sender address and Return Address

Bank Details

Fill out each section below and click the Save Banking Info button when completed.

Routing Number: The bank routing number is a nine-digit code that's based on the U.S. Bank location where the account was opened. It's the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of the checks, on the left side.

Account number: The account number (usually 10-12 digits) is specific to the business account. It's the second set of numbers printed on the bottom of the checks, just to the right of the bank routing number.

Signatory: The full name of the authorized person that can sign the check will be printed as the signature on the check. If you require to print an actual person’s signature on the check, please email our support team at with an image of the signature.

  • Image requirements: JPEG, JPG, or PNG format. At least 330px x 105 px resolution at a minimum. We recommend a width-to-height ratio of approximately 3:1 for best results.

  • The signature must be written in black or dark ink on a white or light background. The signature should be centred and should occupy most of the image.

Now that all of the information has been added, click on the Save Banking Info button, and the Micro Deposits Verification popup box will appear.

2 Micro-deposits for random different amounts between $0.01-0.99 will then be sent to the bank account and will need to be entered on the Check Settings page to verify the bank account before any checks can be printed.

Click the Verify Bank Account button to complete the verification.

Check Details

Starting Check Number for Printing: A starting check number is to be assigned (e.g. 500000).

  • All subsequent checks from the same bank account will use the next sequential number.

  • We suggest you give us a check range number that is way higher than what you would otherwise use internally.

  • You can always come back and reset the starting check number later, but we cannot issue the same check number twice for the same bank account.

Click the Save Check Info button when completed.

Sender address and Return Address

Company Name: Legal Name as it is on the companies bank account

Address 1 & 2, City, State, Postal/Zip code & Country: Provide the complete address for the company.

Click the Save Address button when completed.

Checks Sample and Check Security:

A sample of a check can be located on the Check Settings page

  • Each check is sent with a coloured background, watermarks, micro-printed borders, thermal ink that disappears when rubbed, and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) encoding to facilitate bank processing and reduce errors.

  • Checks are printed on bank-grade chemical reactive paper (with watermarks, warning bands).

  • Maximum check amount is $1,000,000.00.

  • Checks are folded in 3rds and sent in Number 10 white 2-window envelopes.

Sending Checks:

Customer should inform their bank that you will be printing third-party checks on the bank account, and provide their bank with a sample of the signature used (to avoid the bank dishonoring the checks).

We send all checks by USPS First Class mail. And only to US addresses. All checks must be in USD from a US domiciled bank account.

Checks are printed and mailed within 24 hours if processed on Trolley by 1 pm EST on business days.

They are tracked through the mail/USPS. With status updates available via Trolley webhooks/API/Dashboard (e.g. returned, delivered, etc).

Return address can be specified by the client during setup and should be their own US address (not Trolley). USPS will automatically notify us as soon as a check is being returned if undeliverable, so we will update the payment status in Trolley as returned even before the check arrives back. All returned checks can be destroyed/shredded by the customer. A new replacement check can be then issued once the corrected address is fixed.

Status Checks:

Checks are sent from your bank, if you would like to cancel it or want a written confirmation they should be able to provide it.

Note: Checks written via Trolley are not paid via the balance in your Trolley account.

Where are the check fees charged?

Check fees are charged directly to your credit card.

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