Trolley Recipient Status

Understand recipient statuses so you can better monitor & manage recipient accounts in Trolley

Recipients on the Trolley platform can have one of six potential statuses assigned to them. Each recipient status has a unique meaning and may restrict the editing or sending of funds to that recipient.

What does it mean when a Recipient is:

  • Active: The recipient profile is complete and is payable.

  • Incomplete: The recipient still needs to provide the minimum required profile information to become active (payout method, address).

    • You cannot send a payment to an incomplete recipient.

  • Disabled: This status temporarily disables the ability to send a payment to a recipient. A recipient’s account is Disabled when it appears compromised or hacked.

  • This can happen in one of two ways:

    • The merchant (you or your staff) manually updates the recipient as Disabled through the dashboard or via the API.

    • Trolley identifies suspicious activity on the recipient’s profile.

  • Archived: Recipients who have been archived by the merchant and are no longer payable.

    • Profile information and records are maintained.

    • You can unarchive the recipient or re-use the recipient’s email address to recreate a new recipient.

  • Suspended: The recipient has been permanently suspended by you, the merchant.

    • The email address can no longer be used with another recipient.

    • Contact support if you need to un-suspend a recipient due to an error.

  • Blocked: The recipient has been blocked by Trolley’s compliance team.

    • The email address can no longer be used with another recipient.

    • These recipients cannot receive payments, but their profile details are editable.

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