Risk Score
Fraud Prevention
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Risk Score

Risk Score is the first step in our future Fraud Prevention product that will be built-in throughout the whole dashboard. It is loosely based on recipient session login to widget or portal using info such as IP Address, geolocation info, email address, device fingerprint, known bad user lists, proxies, etc.

Please note: Risk score is not a feature we have fully integrated yet but building on it. Please do your due diligence in the interim.

Scores are classified within 1 - 99.
Score of 1 - 50 = green (low risk),
Score of 50 - 75 = orange (medium risk),
Score of 75 - 99 = red (high risk).

If you see red, maybe have a second look. It is not a reason on its own today to believe a recipient is sketchy, just an indicator that something might not be right.

If you see a higher score you may wish to take a closer look at the recipient details. Currently, it won't stop you from processing the payment, it's just a warning at the moment, you can still go forward with the payment at your discretion.

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