How to Add Tags
How to add, delete and use tags
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The following will show you how to use tags on the Trolley dashboard. There are several ways to add tags, and they can be added to both Recipients and Payments.

Useful ways of tags to help you:

  • For categorizing recipients as suppliers vs contractors etc

  • To differentiate payments for Campaigns or Projects

  • Whichever categories make sense for your business!  

Recipient Tags

You can add tags to recipients for better categorization or just to add and pass additional metadata on a recipient. To do this, from the Recipients tab in the dashboard, search for the recipient you would like to tag.

There are 2 areas a tag could be added:

1. Recipient Fly-out: Once you select a recipient, on the right side a pop-out (fly-out) will display summary info of the recipient selected. Under the name there will be an option called "+ TAG". You can enter any word or number you would like to assign to the recipient and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. You can add multiple tags to the same recipient. 

2. Recipient Profile - The second place is on the recipient profile page. At the top of the profile under the recipient's name click "+ TAG", and enter any tag word you would like and hit "Enter" on your keyboard.

The tag will automatically save to the recipient, and will be visible next to their name in the recipient list. You can now filter recipients based on the tag attributed to their profile using the search box, which will allow you to potentially export to a CSV file these recipients (for reporting), or create batch payments to them, etc.

Payments Tags

Tagging is also available for payments, that hasn't been processed yet.
To add a tag to payment from the Payment tab, select the payment you would like to tag. 

On the payment details fly-out on the right side (the pop out), there will be an option called "+ TAG". Here again, you can put in any word you desire and the tag will display next to the payment. You can add multiple tags to the same payment.

Delete a Tag - simply hit the "X" next to the tag on the recipient profile page, or on the payment details fly-out window.

API support - You can also add/edit/remove tags using the API for both recipient tags and payment tags.

Important notes on tags:

  • There is no limit to the number of tags you can add to a recipient or payment. 

  • There is no character limit on the tags.

  • Tags cannot be added to "Processed" payments.

  • Recipients can not see tags, they are internal for your team only on the Dashboard and API/webhooks.

  • You can add the same tag more than once to the same recipient or payment and can be anything you want alpha-numeric or Cyrillic.

  • Payment tags are also included on the Transfers page CSV export, so you can use these as part of your accounting reconciliation process if you wish. 

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