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How to Integrate and Configure the Widget
How to Integrate and Configure the Widget
Details how to configure the widget with your company details.
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Once you have finished integrating the widget, you can configure the settings on your Trolley dashboard.

Step 1

The first step will be to set up the Branding

Business Name: Enter the name of your business

Business Url: This will be the main address to your website which will display on the emails.

Brand Colour: Customize your emails with your brand colours. Simply choose the appropriate HEX code.

Icon: You can also include your company's logo (as the background is white make sure your logo is a different colour)

Step 2

Then you need to configure the emails on the Emails tab.

Sending Email: The email that will display where the email was sent from (Note: It is important that the email is a subdomain so that it does not conflict with any existing email.)

Support Email: You can also display your contact email should your recipients need any support.

Displayed Address: You can also decide if you would like to display the company's business address.

Displayed Country: Add the post code and country

*It is important to ensure the details are entered in correctly the first time.

Step 3

In this step you will be able to select which details will appear in the widget. Simply enable the features you would like.

FAQ Link: Include a link to your FAQs with details on how to complete the details.

Display Fees: You can decide whether or not you want to display the fees to your recipients.

Display Payment Fees: You can decide whether or not you want to display recipient fees on the widget and the portal.

Display Payment History: You can decide to display recipients' payment history. It's good to display this for your recipients to see the payment.

You can also decide whether or not you want to collect your recipients date of birth.

Step 4

In the Widget Style section, you can customize the widget with your company colours. 

The Preview window on the right will show you how the details will display on the widget.

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