To add a staff member/admin user to your Trolley account, simply go to: Settings > Team > Team Members. Here you can add a team member by clicking the button "Add Team Member".

You will then be prompted to add the first and last name of the new user, an email address, and assign the permissions based on an appropriate role. Now click on the "Save" button. 

Please note: For security reasons, each user should be assigned to a specific individual account and should not share account credentials. Please do not create generic named user accounts. We don't charge any additional fees for users, so there really is no need to share logins. It is just good security practice to have individual user logins.

The new user will receive an email inviting them to finalize the setup of their account, including setting up a password. This new team member will then have access to your company's Trolley account.

Roles and Permissions

We support five different user roles, each with unique permissions. In your account under Settings > Team > Role you will see a summary of each role and the permissions each has. Just click on the "?" icon to see more details for each.

Approval Process

You can also set limits for each team member which will require them to receive approval before a payment it sent. Simply add the limit amount in Value Limit and how many are required to approve the payment.

Sandbox vs Live/Production.

Live accounts and Sandbox accounts have a Parent to Child relationship. Any Team Member in the Live account will have access to the associated Sandbox account with the same permissions. Any Team Member in the Sandbox Account will not have access to the associated Live account. In addition, Team Member emails must be unique across all Trolley merchant accounts (both Sandbox and Live). If a team member is added to the Sandbox account, you will not be able to add them to the Live account unless you delete that team member from Sandbox, or use a different email address when adding them.

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