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How does Sync handle my financial data?
How does Sync handle my financial data?
What data will Sync access & what security measures are in place?
Written by Nikhil Kejriwal
Updated over a week ago

Trolley takes data security very seriously and we handles your financial data with the utmost sensitivity. We have built bank-level encryption and security into our product, we run Trolley on enterprise grade servers, and we follow strict guidelines (such as SOC 2® Type II) to offer the highest degree of security against attacks or losses.

What data will Sync access?

When connecting your accounting software with Trolley, you will be asked to sign in to your account in order to authorize the sharing of your financial information.

Once permitted, Trolley will access organizational settings, attachments, business transactions, contacts, reports, and the general ledger for the connected account. If you have multiple organizations or companies set up within your accounting software, we only have access to the organization you connected with Trolley. All the data from other organizations and companies remains confidential and hidden from us.

Security around Sync

For our Sync product, we leverage a partnership with Codat Limited:

  • When your data is in storage, it is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards (AES-256). When on the move, your data is encrypted via industry best practices using Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2).

  • You will retain full control over user access at all times, including privileged administrative rights.

  • All Trolley employees undergo enterprise-grade security training when they start with us and maintain this on a regular basis. We also conduct regular in-house phishing campaigns and ad hoc trainings as required.

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