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Written by Nikhil Kejriwal
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What does Trolley's Sync integration do?

Sync connects Trolley with your ERP/Accounting software to automatically create all the pending invoices and associated contacts or vendors in Trolley. This makes it easy for you to review your pending invoices and payout vendors at your convenience. Once you pay these bills through Trolley, we automatically mark them as “paid” in your connected accounting software.

At the moment, we only support Xero and QuickBooks Online. We’ll have other integrations like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sage and many more coming this year!

How do I use Sync?

Read our full article here:

  • On the Trolley dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Integrate your accounting software.

  • Follow the steps in the authentication flow to connect your accounting software with Trolley.

Please note: At the moment, you can only connect your Xero or QuickBooks Online accounts with Trolley. If you’re using a different ERP system, reach out to our team about a tentative launch date for the integration.

Can I connect more than one QuickBooks account with Trolley?

You can only connect one QuickBooks account with your Trolley account.

Can I connect more than one Xero organization with Trolley?

You can only connect one Xero organization with your Trolley account.

All my bills don’t seem to reflect in Trolley, what do I do?

Please keep an eye on your Invoices tab on Trolley after the Sync. We refresh data every 24 hours. Also remember, we can only create pending bills for recipients that have an email ID associated.

If you followed all the steps correctly and still don’t see your invoices please get in touch with our support team and we’ll make it a priority to resolve the issue.

I can’t see all my contacts or vendors in Trolley, is this normal?

We auto-create only pending bills and associated vendors. If a vendor doesn’t have a pending bill associated with them, they won’t reflect on your Trolley account.

Please note: We recognize the email field on your vendor profile as a unique identifier. To auto-create a recipient on Trolley, we’ll need the vendor's email. If a vendor doesn’t have an email associated with them, we won’t be able to auto-create their record on Trolley.

What happens if I disable Sync?

All your previously created bills and recipients will remain on your Trolley dashboard. However, you’ll have to start manually creating future bills and vendors. This can cause duplication of your work.

We don’t recommend this action since it increases the risk of errors and associated costs for you.

I could not map my balances because it was taking longer than usual. What should I do?

Account mapping dictates how Trolley balances will be reconciled with bank accounts in the connected accounting software via our integration. To map balances, on your Trolley dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Sync. You can update and save changes to your account mapping here.

How can I make updates to reconciliation account mapping?

On your Trolley dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Sync. You can update and save changes to your account mapping here.

What data from Trolley is reconciled into my accounting software?

Once invoices ingested from your accounting software are paid through Trolley, we reconcile bill payment statuses along with the payment amounts.

Our product team is working on a full reconciliation workflow that includes journal entries. Contact our product team to learn more about this workflow or to share information about your specific use case.

Are all bill statuses reconciled back into my accounting software?

When any invoice is “paid” through Trolley, these bill payments are reconciled in your connected accounting software.

What happens when a payment is returned after initially being marked as paid?

If a payment is returned after being marked as “paid,” you’ll receive an email notification with details. If you don’t have these notifications enabled, on your Trolley dashboard go to Notification Settings and turn on email, SMS, or Slack notifications.

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