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Bank Transfer Payment Minimums
Bank Transfer Payment Minimums
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Bank Transfer Payment Minimums

When we send payments through our banking networks, they often have rules around minimum send amounts, or apply additional fees down the line on the receiving end. If the amount a merchant sends is too low to cover these fees, the banking partner or receiving bank can return the payment, generating additional costs and work for Merchants.

To help reduce overall costs and avoid the return of small payments, we will be implementing minimum amounts for bank transfers and wires. This means that any payment amounts that are less than the minimums listed below will not process. Specific minimums vary based on the region and banking networks involved, as outlined here:

Effective April 22, 2022

The following minimum amounts will apply to payments sent from all US merchant accounts:

  • ACH/EFT: $1.00 *


  • SWIFT wire: $20.00 *

Effective May 30, 2022

The following minimum amounts will apply to payments sent from most Canadian merchant accounts:

  • EFT: $1.00 *


  • SWIFT wire: $20.00 *

The following minimum amounts will apply to payments sent from merchant accounts in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe:


Source Currency GBP: 1.00

Source Currency EUR/USD: 2.00

Source Currency AUD/NZD: 3.00

  • SWIFT wire: $20.00 *

*In any available source currencies

Identifying Bank Transfer Networks

You can review the Fee Schedule in your Trolley Dashboard (Settings > Fee Schedule) to see the payment fees that are associated with each of the following bank transfer networks. Then using your Fee Schedule as a reference, you can identify which networks will be used to send payments.

ACH in United States of America (USD)

EFT in Canada (CAD, USD)

FPS in United Kingdom (GBP)

NPP in Australia (AUD)

BECS in New Zealand (NZD)

FPSHK in Hong Kong (HKD)

SEPA in Europe (EUR)

IACH - International ACH

Swift Wire - International wires

Additional tips:

If you have below-minimum payments in a batch that are preventing processing, then they are easy to remove via the actions menu in the Batch page. Just click on the three dots “” icon, and then select the option to “Move [##] invalid payments to new batch”:

If you need to send payments that are below the minimums, you can take advantage of our multi-line Invoice feature, to bundle multiple payments into one:

For API users, a guide to working with payment minimums in the API is available here:

For further help with minimums or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team at

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