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Getting started with Tickets
Getting started with Tickets
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What are Tickets?

Tickets are created by the Trolley team when we need additional information from a recipient regarding a payment. They can be automatically sent directly to your recipients for prompt response to facilitate their payment without you having to individually contact them

What's the purpose?

Tickets aims to solve the manual back and forth, email based process for handling compliance requests, and reduce the time invested in these tasks—while enhancing recipient data security by housing the whole process within our secure platform and giving you, the Payer, visibility into the request (without having to action them)

  • The Tickets feature has 3 main components:

    • A new white label email is triggered when a compliance request is received

    • A new interface on the Widget / Portal to collect requested data directly from the recipient

    • A new Tickets tab on the Web Dashboard to see outstanding and completed Tickets
      In order to enable these you would need to:

Enabling for White Label Emails:

  • Settings > White Label > Emails

  • Recipient Experience (Portal)

    When a compliance request is received, Trolley's Tickets feature will automatically email the recipient on your behalf to inform them of the issue and to seek a resolution directly.

    The recipient can provide the requested information directly on the Widget / Portal:

  • Viewing Tickets (Open, Provided, and Closed)

    • Tickets Tab

      • Filters + Search Bar
        You can filter the Tickets with multiple statuses. By default, it is set to Open and Provided. To remove the default filters, click the grey x on the filter tab to see all of them

      On the Notification feed, you will see which payment is held by Compliance that requires attention.

Team members can maintain visibility over these types of issues, you can review all outstanding and completed tickets directly in your Trolley dashboard from the "Tickets" tab.

Team members can see and track all open/resolved tickets in the Tickets tab of the Trolley dashboard. information that has been provided by your recipient will be crossed out.


All the tickets have firm deadlines in order for the payments to processed in timely manner. The sooner we collect the necessary information the better.

Ticket Statuses

Open: New and or some missing information
Provided: Some missing information

Closed: No action needed, all the information has been given.

Cancelled: They did not respond to us in due time and the ticket has now been cancelled.

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