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Banned Countries - Payout Alternative
Banned Countries - Payout Alternative
Bank transfers banned for certain countries.
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We have added the ability to enable certain banned countries to be selectable by recipients on the Widget or Portal, as well as usable via API, CSV upload, and on the Dashboard.

Whilst you still cannot send a Bank Transfer with Trolley to a banned country, if you have enabled PayPal on your account - recipients in those banned countries can now select their country on the country drop-down lists. If you have not enabled PayPal, then recipients from these countries will not be able to add any payout method, so you may wish to continue to have them disabled on the Widget or Portal. The reason we added this feature is to make it a more seamless flow for customers that had recipients in countries that PayPal supports, however, we don't.

The Banned Countries which are selectable are:

  • Afghanistan(AF)

  • Belarus (BY)

  • Cuba(CU)

  • Ivory Coast(CI)

  • Liberia(LR)

  • Libya(LY)

  • Russia(RU)

  • South Sudan(SS)

  • Sudan(SD)

  • Syria(SY)

The following selectable countries are also subject to banking restrictions, however may be payable in certain special cases:

  • Somalia (SO)

  • Venezuela(VE)

  • Yemen (YE)

It is not possible to enable the below-banned countries:

  • Iran (IR)

  • Korea (North) (KP)

You can enable or disable countries that are selectable on the Widget or Portal on your Dashboard under: Settings > White Label > Recipient Countries.
(Note: countries highlighted with a blue background are banned countries that can be enabled).

The countries listed below were previously risk classified by our compliance team as "Banned" (unsupported), however, following ongoing monitoring and assessment of country risk levels, have now been upgraded to be supported by us.

  • Congo (Kinshasa) (CD)

  • Eritrea (ER)

  • Ethiopia (ET)

  • Iraq (IQ)

  • Myanmar (Burma) (MM)

  • Zimbabwe (ZW)

Whilst these countries are now supported, they are rated as high risk, meaning payments to them may result in additional reviews or requests for additional clarification on the purpose of the payment and/or details on the recipient.

Note: There are a few exceptions to the list. Please contact support for more information.

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