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Setting up Trolley Notifications
Setting up Trolley Notifications
Get notified about activity on your Trolley account
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You can set up automatic notifications in Trolley to automatically inform you whenever there is activity on your account. Notifications are a feature of all Trolley subscriptions.

We support three methods for sending account notifications:

  • Email

  • Text Message/SMS

  • Slack

    • + we also support Webhooks, so that makes it four methods!

FYI: Users can set their own email and text/SMS notification settings.

Types of Notifications & Triggers

We support many types of notifications and reasons/triggers for notifications, including:

  • User settings: A new admin user has been added, a user was updated or deleted, a user password reset has been requested, or a user password was reset.

  • Recipients: a new recipient was added, deleted, or updated.

  • Payments and batches: a payment failed or was returned, or a new batch was created, updated, or processed successfully.

  • Balance: Trolley has received funding and has credited funds to your merchant account.

Insider Tip: For Payment & Batch notifications, we strongly suggest enabling the "Batch-related" notification, not the “New Payment Created” notification, so we do not bombard you or your team with too many messages. For example, if you send a batch of 100 payments, you likely don’t want to receive 100 separate notifications.

Set Up Notifications

  1. Go to your user Profile in the dashboard’s top right corner, click on your name or avatar, then click Notifications.

  2. You can now select which notifications you wish to enable or disable. Toggle the switch for each particular setting to allow this type of notification. This setting is saved automatically.

  3. To disable any notification, toggle the switch on the same setting to the off position.

Connecting your Slack Account

If your business uses Slack, we highly recommend using Slack notifications. If your business doesn’t use Slack for team communication, we recommend checking it out.

To enable Slack notifications, the “Owner/Signing Officer” user of the Trolley account will first need to connect to your Slack account.

This setting can be found under Settings > Integrations > Slack.

As Slack is a team-based platform, the user with the “Owner/Signing Officer” role can choose which Slack notifications to enable/disable for the team.

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