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Switching to and from Sandbox Mode
Switching to and from Sandbox Mode
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To switch to Sandbox Mode, click on the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) at the top of the left menu, next to the Trolley icon. This will expand the left main menu.

At the bottom of the left main menu, you will now see a toggle switch indicating if you are currently in LIVE or SANDBOX mode. Simply, switch to the one you want.

Live Mode:

Sandbox Mode:

Sandbox mode is also indicated with a yellow sandbox marker at the top of each page:

Please note that some settings are common across Live and Sandbox mode, in order to provide a "production-like" testing environment.

Testing API:

The sandbox system have 100% of the functionality of the production system. There are clear areas where there are differences, we don’t send real bank payments However, all the steps and components are the same.

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