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Adding Funds to your Account
Adding Funds to your Account
How to Fund to make Payouts
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In order to send bank-to-bank payments from Trolley to your recipients' bank accounts, you will first need fund your Trolley account balance. There are several account funding options potentially available, depending on the country your company is registered in and a few of other factors:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH/EFT/FPS/SEPA)

  • Wire Transfer

  • Direct Debit (US and Canada only)

  • Interac E-Transfer (Canada only)

While there are various options depending on your country and banking set-up, you will only see the options available to you in the Add Funds section of your Dashboard's Balances page.

NOTE: Only users with Owner role permissions can add funds or change Trolley account details.

To review your Trolley funding options and instructions, go to your Balances page, and then click on the blue "+ Add Funds" button in the top right:

In the Add Funds pop-out window that appears, you will see the available funding options listed at the top as separate tabs. Click on your preferred funding option to see the corresponding funding instructions.

For example, if you wish to fund your Trolley account via a bank transfer, click on the Bank Transfer tab at the top, and the bank account and routing details needed to send a bank transfer to Trolley will appear listed below:

IMPORTANT: At the bottom of your funding instructions, you will see a Reference/Memo. Make sure to include this Reference/Memo detail with your transfer, to ensure that your funds are allocated to the correct Trolley account balance once received.

Funding Timeframes and Considerations

Bank Transfer:

- Normally take 1-2 business days to receive and process.
- No limit on amounts that can be received by Trolley.
- The bank transfer network will depend on the Merchant's country, and may be ACH (US), EFT (Canada), SEPA (Euro zone), or FPS (UK).

Domestic US Wire (Fedwire):

- If sent before 3pm Eastern, can often be received and processed the same business day (depending on volume). Otherwise domestic US wires should be processed the following business day.
- No limit on amounts that can be received by Trolley.

International SWIFT Wire (non-US):

- Normally take 3-5 business days to receive and process.
- No limit on amounts that can be received by Trolley.

Direct Debit (US and Canada only):

- Direct Debit is available for amounts up to 100,000 USD.
- For amounts over 50,000 USD, Direct Debit orders normally take 3-5 business days to clear through and deposit.
- Subject to bank-partner credit approval, pending Direct Debit orders up to a total of 50,000 USD may be deposited on credit after 1 business day.

Enabling Direct Debit

To request the Direct Debit funding option for your Trolley account, your company's Signing Officer (as registered with Trolley when your Merchant account was onboarded) will need to log into the Trolley Dashboard, and submit a Direct Debit Authorization Form:

  • Navigate to Balances > Add Funds, and then select Direct Debit.

  • You will be prompted to provide your business bank account information and authorization (for the account you wish to fund from), as well as a void check that has your company name and address on it.

  • NOTE: If you do not have a void check displaying your current company address, you can also provide a bank statement from the past 3 months which shows the account number info, company name, and company address.

  • You will then be prompted to e-sign and submit the Direct Debit Authorization Form, which authorizes our bank partner to order funds to be transferred from your bank account when you place a Direct Debit order.

  • After your Direct Debit Authorization has been submitted, please allow 2-3 business days for our bank partner to review and process.

Interac E-Transfer (Canada only):

- Interac E-Transfers sent during business hours are generally received and deposited to your Trolley balance the same day.
- There are limits on the amounts you can send via Interac E-Transfer, that vary depending on the financial institution. Check with your bank for the specific transfer limits in place for your account.

3rd-Party Funding Not Accepted

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept funds from the registered company that we have contracted with during your Trolley onboarding process. We therefore cannot accept funds from any 3rd parties, and funds will be returned if they are coming from a bank account registered to a different company name.

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