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Approval Process
Approval Process
Setup which team members can approve payment batches, limits for each approver, and if multiple approvers are required.
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If your organization has financial control policies that require one or many approvals on accounts payable transactions, our Approval Process will help you enforce these policies.

Set up which team members in your organization can approve payment batches, including limits for each approver, and if multiple approvers are required.

The approvers will receive an email notification when a batch of payments requires approval.

Steps to follow:
Add yourself as an approver (only one approver is required)

  1. Create a batch

  2. Create a payment that is over the approval amount threshold

  3. Request Approval

  4. Check your email

  5. Click the link in the approval email

  6. Approve and send the batch

There are two categories of Approvals:

Low Approval Limit
Team members with High Approval Limit approval permissions will automatically have Low Approval Limit permissions.

At least 0 or more approver is required to approve batches or payments under X,000.00 CAD.

High Approval Limit

Requires at least one or more approvers to approve batches or payments of X,000.00 CAD or more.

To set it up.

Dashboard > Settings > Approval Process > Enable

Click on this gear icon to add team members

You can edit the number of people allowed to give the permissions here:

This is what it would look like when approval is required for a batch.

Note: Team members can be added as approvers for both Low and High Approval limits in the list of minimum approvals required.

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