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Add and Display Offline Payments
Add and Display Offline Payments
How to add previous payments to generate 1099's or to show past history on balances
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You can now display on the Widget or Portal the payout method that an offline payment was sent to. If you use our Offline Payments feature to display payments made outside of the Trolley platform (or sent prior to migrating to Trolley), you can now display the payout method that the payment was sent to. This improvement makes offline payments feel seamless for the recipient. To use this, ensure you provide the payout method on the details of the offline payments when you add them.

Offline Payments payout methods supported today are Bank Transfer, PayPal, Check, Mobile Money, Bitcoin, Interac, and Other.

Offline Payments are payments that did not occur in Trolley but you need to import them into Trolley. The most common reason to import Offline payments is for the purpose of accurate End-of-Year tax reporting when generating Form 1099-NECs and Form 1042-S's in the US.

Offline Payments data can be added in an automated way via API call, uploaded via CSV file or manually added on the dashboard, see below:

Regardless of whether you plan on using our tax module, you can import Offline Payments if you need them to be in Trolley (for example, you'd like to show all payment history (including payments that didn't occur in Trolley) to a recipient in the Widget or the Portal)

Payments > Offline Payments > Upload Offline Payments

When adding Offline Payments, you can upload one "Payment" for the sum of all the Year-to-Date payments, or, you can upload each payment separately.

You can add an Offline Payment manually by going to the Profile of a Recipient or Payments Offline payments. For the latter, click on the Payments tab in the Recipient Profile, and clicking "Add Offline Payment" on the right-hand side.

You can update an offline payment if something was incorrect example: forgot to mark "taxable". You can get create and use the "tags" to your advantage to track any offline payments and then filter under > payments > filter with that tag.

To mass-upload Offline Payments for multiple Recipients at the same time, go to the Tax Center (on the left-hand navigation menu) and click "Offline Payments" in the top right.

At the top right of the Offline Payments screen, you will see a button to "Upload Offline Payments". If you click that, you will be able to download the template CSV (highlighted below) and a guide for completing the CSV. Once you have filled out all of the information, you can upload it to the same place you accessed the template file.

Please note: Reference ID could be renamed to Recipient ID on the CVS.

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