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How to Disable or Archive a Recipient
How to Disable or Archive a Recipient
Step by step details on how to remove a recipient
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Please follow these steps if you would like to disable a recipient.

There are 2 possible ways of removing the ability to pay a recipient:
Disable or Archive

  1. Disable

    Disabling a recipient will keep them in your list of recipients but you will not be able to make payments to them. If you so desire, you can reactive them and make them payable once again.

    Here's how to disable:

Search for the recipient you wish to disable from the Recipients tab and select the check box next to their name.

Next to "Pay Recipients", click the drop down menu and select Disable Recipients.

The recipients' status will now be disabled. They will also appear in your list of recipients. To reactivate them, simply select Enable Recipients.

2. Archive

Archiving a recipient will remove them from your list of recipients. You will not be able to retrieve them once archived. To archive, a recipient, follow the same steps to disable a recipient and select Archive Recipients.

Note: You are not able to delete a recipient once entered into the system. However, you are able to edit their details.

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