Connecting to Zapier
How to connect you Trolley account to Zapier
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Get ready to save a heap of time!

You can connect your Trolley account to over 1300 other business apps to automate tasks, save time, and make your like easier.

We have integrated to Zapier, a very popular and very nifty platform that helps connect different apps together. It allows non-technical people to connect our APIs and webhooks with APIs and webhooks of 1300+ other apps, and gives endless possibilities of how to automate user experiences or save heaps of time and effort on repetitive tasks. (Think: If this, than do that).

Some apps that you might like to connect your Trolley account to may include:

  • Accounting software (Xero, QuickBooks, ...) to sync your vendors/suppliers to your Trolley account as recipient, ready to pay them once you have an invoice to be paid.

  • Email providers (SendGrid, Mandrill, ....) to send automate emails when payments are sent or returned. Fully customized and branded under your own businesses brand. 

  • Time tracking software (Harvest, Togl...), to add users as recipients in your Trolley account, ready to pay them. 

  • SMS/Text message providers (Twilio, Zapier, ...) to send payment confirmations when a payment is sent to a recipient

  • Message tools (Slack, ...) to send internal team messages when payments are sent or recipients are added, etc.

  • ...and literally hundreds and hundreds of other options.

How to Connect your Trolley account to Zapier

1. To get started and learn more about our Zapier and Trolley integration, check out our page on Zapier's website

2. If you don't already have a Zapier account, its free to sign up for one. Zapier has different monthly plans ranging from FREE to $20/month or more depending on your usage.
3. Connect up your Trolley account to Zapier - to do so you will be prompted by Zapier to provide an API Access Key and API Secret Key for your Trolley account.

4. To generate an API Access Key and Secret Key, log in to your Trolley dashboard and navigate to Settings > API Keys, and press the Create Key button. 

5. Copy the API Access Key and API Secret Key to Zapier when prompted and then your Trolley app will be connected up to Zapier. 

6. If you ever wish to disable or delete the API Key access with Zapier, you can do so in your Trolley account on the API Keys page, by either toggling that API Key you generated to inactive, or by deleting it. 

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