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How to Delete a Batch or Payment
How to Delete a Batch or Payment
Step by step details on how to cancel a payment or batch that's not been processed
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Deleting a payment

From the Payments tab on the dashboard, select the pending payment you want to delete and click on the batch ID.

On the next page, select the payment you want to remove. You can select one payment in the batch or all payments and press delete.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to cancel the payment or batch.

Deleting a batch

From the Payments tab, select the Show by Batch option.

Locate the batch you want to delete. You can search the batch ID, the description or use the filter option and search the date range or currency. Select the batch and click on delete.

Reason to cancel the batch:

ERROR: Incomplete profile

You may run into this error when you are trying to process a batch when a recipient's details are incomplete; the batch won't proceed forward giving you an error and this is when you'd need to delete the payment, remove that recipient to successfully move forward or enter in the correct details of the recipient to complete the payment.

You cannot cancel a payment if it is already in the processed stage.

Depending on the country, time, bank and currency - most payments cannot be deferred.

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