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How to Activate the Recipient Portal
How to Activate the Recipient Portal
Details how the portal is set up and how it works
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The Recipient Portal allows you to collect payment and other information from your recipients without any integration required. With one click, send an email to your recipients asking them to complete the steps to gather their information.

To activate the portal, go to Setting then White Label.

Step 1

The first thing you'll need to do is set up your Branding.

Business Name: Enter the name of your business

Business Url: This will be the main address to your website which will display on the emails.

Brand Colour: Customize your emails with your brand colours. Simply choose the appropriate HEX code.

Icon (optional): You can also include your company's logo. 

Step 2

The next step is to configure the Emails.

Sending Email: The email that will display showing where the email was sent from (Note: It is important that the email is a subdomain so that it does not conflict with any existing email.)

Support Email: You can also display your contact email should your recipients need any support.

Displayed Address: You can also decide if you would like to display the company's business address.

Displayed Country: Add the post code and country

*It is important to ensure these details are entered in correctly the first time.

Recipient Portal Settings

Once the previous steps are complete you will be able to enable the portal and configure the settings. Go to Widget & Portal.

Portal Domain: Enter your company domain details. 

FAQ Link (optional) : You can include a link to your FAQs with details on how to complete the details for your recipients. If you do enable it, the FAQ link will appear at the top of the widget or portal if entered into the settings page.

Display Payment Fees: You can decide whether or not you want to display the fees to your recipients.

Display Payment History: You can decide whether or not you want to display the payment history to your recipients.

Display Offline Payment History: You can enable to display the recipients' offline payments in the Widget and Portal. Offline Payments are payments that were processed outside of the Trolley platform, but that is usually required for end-of-year tax reporting. If enabled, they will display alongside the normal payment history, in one combined table.

US Tax Collection: You can also collect tax information via the portal.

Date of Birth Requirement: You can also decide whether or not you want to collect your recipient's date of birth.

We don't use SendGrid (White Label Email) if you select the Portal option. It's only active for the Widget option to send emails to recipients.
However, Widget and Portal work simultaneously but you need to select the Portal button.


ERROR: You see a "Page Not Found" message

  1. You will get this error if the Portal URL hasn't been configured properly at the domain level or you've typed in the URL incorrectly. Please refresh your settings page and try again. To the left of the Portal Domain, the expansion box icon will open the portal in a new tab in your browser.

  2. If your recipient enters their email into your portal, but don't receive the 6 digit verification code. This is because there is nothing to verify them against. You need to enter them on Trolley prior to inviting them.


In order for them to receive the verification code, they must need to exist in Trolley first. This is for security purposes since your portal domain is a public URL, where anyone could add themselves as a recipient and add their banking details to your Trolley account. Therefore, Add the recipient into the Recipients section.

Both the emails should match, what the recipient enters and what you enter (via CSV or manually). The bare minimum information needed at your end: First Name, Last Name if they are an Individual or Business Name and most importantly Email Address.

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