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How to Resend a Returned Payment
How to Resend a Returned Payment
Details on how to resend a returned payment through the Trolley dashboard.
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Before you resend the payment, make sure the details that caused the return have been updated and/or rectified correctly. 

Recipients would get an email that would look something like this.

Step 1

On your Trolley Dashboard scroll all the way past the graphs to the Action Items. Click on Recent Returned Payments and on the Payment ID.

It will open a new screen with a View Batch

There are 2 options:

1. Export CSV 

On the next page click export to CSV. Once the CSV is exported, you'll want to review and remove any payments that you do not wish to resend. After reviewing the CSV, create a new "Payments CSV file" with the returned payments and upload the file as a new batch (see How to Create a payment).

2. Resend Payment on Batch

Click on the 3 ellipses next to Export CSV. Select "Create batch with returned payments"

You will then be taken to a screen showing the entire batch including the returned payment(s). You will then be able to "Create a batch with all the returned payments". This will create a new batch with all the payment information which you can process again by clicking on Send Payments.

The recipient will receive an email as soon as you click on Send Payment.

The status will change to Processed

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