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How to Create a Payment
How to Create a Payment
Making payments to recipients
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The following instructions describe how to make payments to your recipients

  1. Go to Payments

  2. Then select the Create Payment button. (Option of manually entering payments or uploading a CSV file) 

3. Now that you are on the Create a Payment screen, Select Add Payment and search for the recipient/s you would like to send funds to. You can send payments to one recipient or several, theres no limit. (Note: when you create a payment, we automatically create a Batch to group those payments together, which makes some other things easy such as approvals).

4. Enter the Payment Amount you would like to send to each recipient. 

If you chose to upload a CSV file, you will have the opportunity to review the data uploaded before importing it. We will display all the valid and invalid payments to you in 2 tab. If there are any errors, you can correct them in the CSV file and upload again. 

5. All payments will have a pending status until they have been sent. You can send the payments by selecting Send Payments. The status will be updated to Processed once this is done. 

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